Where It All Began

A group of friends were enjoying a leisurely boat day when they ran into a problem. They got down to the last few bottles of beer–the ones that required bottle openers–and they had none on hand. Some people started banging the beers on the railing to try and get them open while others searched for items they could use as makeshift bottle openers. “I wish I was wearing something we could use!” our founder said to the group. Many of them were wearing metal accessories like watches, bracelets, and earrings. But nothing would work.

Suddenly, the name 'BeerRings’ popped into our founder's mind. That’s when she had the initial idea for BeerRings.

A few days later, she started designing the first model so her friends would never run into the problem of being without a bottle opener again. 

  • Engineer Designed

    Created by an engineer, BeerRings went through multiple iterations before being finalized. They are designed to give the illusion of a regular accessory.

  • Patent Pending

    The name BeerRings has been trademarked and our team submitted paperwork for a patent on the product.

  • Purpose & Inspiration

    Formerly an aerospace engineer, our founder went from designing airplane parts to functional jewelry. In her words, “At the end of the day, I’m still designing solutions to problems!”